Kitchen Help Information 

Helping in the Kitchen on an Emmaus Weekend is a wonderful way to serve the Pilgrims and the Team,  and to get to know your Emmaus Community better.                       

Helpers are welcome anytime during the weekend in the Kitchen!    There is preparation going on most of the time! 

It is good to have 6-8 people to help for each meal. (Saturday Dinner we can use more because we serve the Pilgrims at the tables)   The sign up sheet only has slots for 6, so if you see a meal is full on the sign up sheet and you want to help with that meal please come anyway.   

Suggested arrival times for helpers:

Friday                                                                Saturday                                            Sunday
Breakfast-6:30 AM                                            Breakfast-6:30 AM                            Breakfast-6:30 AM
Lunch-10:30 AM                                               Lunch-10:30 AM                                Lunch-10:30 AM
Dinner-3:30 PM                                                 Dinner-4:00 PM         

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served on Friday and Saturday.  Breakfast and Lunch are served on Sunday. 

Meal Times:
Friday                                                                Saturday                                            Sunday
Breakfast-8:00 AM                                            Breakfast-7:30 AM                            Breakfast-7:30 AM
Lunch-12:25 PM                                                Lunch-12:45 PM                                Lunch-11:55 AM
Dinner-5:25 PM                                                 Dinner-5:45 PM        
To sign up to help, please go to the Kitchen Calender and click on the day of the walk you would like to help.  Then type your name in the meal slot you want.   Thank you and see you in the kitchen!!!